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Penny Street Bridge

AA three star Townhouse

Our lively bar and grill are the perfect spot for catching up with friends or colleagues. Great food, simply prepared. All served with a cheery smile.


A world of wines

Owned by Daniel Thwaites, our sister company James Pickup & Company Wine and Spirit merchants exclusively source all of the wines on our menu.

You can choose from some real hidden gems which are sourced from small, committed wine makers which although you may never have heard of them, we believe they’re worthy of taking pride of place alongside our award winning Thwaites cask ales.

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Our approach to wine is simple

We deal directly with many growers and take a great deal of time to select the very best that each region has to offer. The cost of serving a bottle of wine is similar. Whether it’s a simple Vin de Pays or a vintage Champagne, we price our wines with a simple mark up which is to cover storage, glassware, service costs and also a slight profit, with a small additional charge for financing some of the older stored wines. That means, you can be sure that the more expensive the wine you buy – the more is being spent on the quality of the juice and the skill of the vigneron which is what’s what it’s all about.

Range and Policy

We’re very conscious that prices of wine are increasing for many different reasons – the change in VAT, the increase in duty and the relative weakness of the pound against other currencies. So we’re delighted to inform you that many of our ‘entry level’ wines are available for less than twenty-five pounds. We also continue with our policy of pricing wines with a standard mark up, with a small additional charge for financing some of the older stored wines. Simply, the better quality the wine, the better value it is, so go on, spoil yourself.